Dishwashing Liquid

Murchison Hume

Murchison-Hume “Heirloom” Dishwashing Liquid makes a handsome sink-side statement. The pump dispenser means less waste and their exclusive low-foaming formula cuts through grease and actually improves the condition of your wastewater as it drains. Regular use also helps to keep your plumbing clean and odour free.

Have gleaming, guilt-free dishes while simultaneously improving the environment? Yes, please!

1 litre amber glass bottle

The 1 litre PET plastic bottle refills are $28 - choose the option below.

Juniperberry: A sexy, sophisticated blend of floral and fruity notes with an appealing citrus finish. This is a light berry scent with just a hint of rose, lime and blood orange. Gorgeously rounded, but not overly sweet. Like the first whiff of a perfect gin & tonic!

Australian White Grapefruit: Our signature scent. Not a straightforward “citrus”, this is a lighter, more subtle blossom fragrance. Imagine crushing a grapefruit flower between your fingers. Lovely. A classic scent that’s perfect for clearing household odours all year round.

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